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Purchasing a property is usually the largest investment a person will make, and as a first-time homebuyer it can be an overwhelming experience without the right help.  Trying to navigate through all the different mortgage lenders, rates and products on your own can leave you feeling confused and unsure of where to start.  

We are here to guide you through all the steps involved with buying your first home:


The first step is to provide you with a FREE pre-approval so that you know your house price range. This involves a review your income, down payment and your credit.  With a pre-approval you will be ready to make an offer when you find the right property.  In a competitive market, having a pre-approval in place could mean that your offer is accepted over someone else’s that hasn’t been pre-approved.


We shop for the best mortgage for you from an entire network of banks and lenders and negotiate on your behalf.  We advise you based on your individual situation.  


We explain all the true costs associated with becoming a home owner so you can gain a realistic understanding of your budget.  In addition to your mortgage payment, other home owner expenses include property tax, heating and utility costs, insurance, possible condo fees, and budgeting for maintenance expenses and other unexpected costs.  Upfront costs when buying a home include a down payment, lawyer fees, and inspection costs.


You will need a team of people that work for your best interests.  We can refer you to realtors, lawyers, insurance specialists and home inspectors, if you do not already have this network of professionals in place to help you with your new home purchase.  

Need help planning?  Feel free to connect with me anytime!

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